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Cultured Pearls vs Natural Pearls

Cultured Pearls and Natural Pearls are both REAL Pearls.

Natural Pearls are "wild-caught" pearls, will occur without any intervention by human beings. A natural pearl is formed organically when an irritant accidentally gets into the soft tissue of the mussel in an oyster.This irritant,such as seawater sand or dust, activates the oyster's defense mechanism, causing it to produce layers of secretions to coat the irritant. These layers of secretion (also called nacre) slowly develops into a natural pearl.
Natural/Wild Pearls are typically found by accident. They usually form unusual and more organic shapes. Very few are symmetrical or perfect spheres. Decent quality natural pearls have high price tag as their rarity, not affordable for most people.

Cultured Pearls are "farmed" pearls which grow in a pearl farm. Pearl cultivation involves the process of pearl farmers physically inserting an irritant, such as a shell bead nucleus, inside the soft tissue of the oyster. Then the layers of nacre are formed naturally, just like the natural pearls.
Cultured pearls have much more production than natural ones, and the quality are the same or even better. The price is affordable for us. Now Most pearls sold today are cultured.

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